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How To Create A Simple Vision For Your Business

How to Create a Simple Vision for Your Business


A company’s Vision need only serve one purpose: to answer three fundamental questions:

  • Who are we?

  • Where are we going?

  • How will we get there?

Strategic planning has become a convoluted, complicated, and frustrated process as the typical strategic plan is full of content, but grotesquely lacks specifically defined outcomes and decision making tools.  Unfortunately, today’s typical strategic plan is more of a voluminous work of fiction than a simple, clear compass or roadmap.

How do we prevent falling into that trap?  By insisting our vision fit into one, double-sided sheet of paper with just eight questions:

What are our Core Values?

  • Core Values are the vital and timeless guiding principles (rules) of an organization
  • 3-5 values define the “culture” of an organization that are used to clearly and definitively attract and retain the right people for an organization (while repelling the wrong people)

What is our Core Focus?

  • Core Focus is comprised of two things:
    • Purpose or why the organization exists
    • Niche or what the organization will provide to the world based on its purpose
  • Core Focus allows an organization to say “yes” to the right things and “no” to the wrong things with little debate or effort

What is our 10 Year Target?

  • 10 Year Target clearly articulates where you want the organization to be within a decade
  • It’s the long term vision that helps everyone in the organization row in the same direction

What is our Marketing Strategy?

  • Marketing Strategy answers two questions:
    • Who is most receptive to our compelling message?
    • What is our compelling message?
  • Marketing Strategy is defined by four concepts:
    • Target Market – the demographic, geographic, and psychographic profile of your ideal customer
    • Three Uniques – your differentiators that clearly set you apart from your competition
    • Proven Process – the proven way you provide your product or service
    • Guarantee – relieves your customers’ greatest fear of doing business with you

What is our 3 Year Picture?

  • 3 Year Picture is a clear definition of what results an organization is committed to producing over the next 36 months
  • A 3 Year Picture serves two purposes:
    • If we can see a clear future in our mind’s eye, we’re more likely to fulfill on it
    • If we can see a clear 36-month picture, our 1 Year Plan will be more accurate

What is our 1 Year Plan?

  • A 1 Year Plan specifically outlines the highest priority goals that must be completed within 12 months
  • Limit the goals to 3-7 as most organizations make the mistake of trying to accomplish too much; less is always more

What are our Quarterly Rocks?

  • Quarterly Rocks narrow the vision down to what truly matters: the next 90 days
  • Quarterly Rocks tell us what the highest priority goals are for the quarter so as to accomplish our 1 Year Plan
  • Limit the goals to 3-7 as most organizations make the mistake of trying to accomplish too much; less is always more

What are our Issues?

  • Any healthy and successful organization is open and honest about what issues stand in the way of fulfilling its vision
  • An Issues list allows a leadership team to clearly identify what’s in the way so as to resolve the issues
  • Hidden issues cannot be solved and there is a direct correlation to a leadership team’s ability to resolve issues and the value it provides an organization

In answering these eight questions, a leadership team can be 100% aligned with the answers to the three foundational vision questions and can clearly articulate those answers to the rest of the organization.  All on one, double-sided piece of paper.

To learn more about where you may have opportunities to clarify and execute upon your company’s vision, invest 5-7 minutes in our Organizational Checkup and discover where to start.

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