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Beyond Capacity

Beyond capacity


I bumped my head two years ago. Hard.

After returning from lunch during a workshop, I looked down at my one-year planning worksheet to realize that, as happy as I was with current progress, I was headed full-speed for a ceiling.  

I had grown the business almost 50% the previous year; a percentage many would like to see. Along the way, I got more organized, more focused and worked harder.  Good stuff, right?

Not when I looked at that worksheet to see the promise I made for the coming year revenue was to be another 50% higher. Where was I going to find another 50% of effort and time, let alone the emotional space needed to work ON my business to create 50% more opportunity?

I had done a terrific job of building the business on my own, but that perspective was a time bomb I needed to diffuse.


One of the tools we use with clients when implementing EOS® is our Delegate to Elevate® exercise.  It asks you to organize all you do in your business into one of four categories:

  • Love to do & great at doing
  • Like to do & good at doing
  • Don’t like to do & good at doing
  • Don’t like to do & not good at doing

Clients often get a laugh when I suggest most of us spend the majority of our time in the “don’t like & good” category.  Those tasks need to happen, but without passion or enjoyment, do you need to be doing them?

When I looked at my planning worksheet, I realized I was behaving exactly like the majority — doing a ton of stuff I don’t like to do and  had trained myself and my world that I’m good at doing it. How was I to build my business another 50% if I was investing my time, energy, and resources on those tasks?


One of the most challenging roadblocks for us to breakthrough is our obsession with doing things we’ve been doingthe things that helped us build our businesses, but the things we should not be doing any longer. Ego is often the greatest culprit as we all want to be appreciated for things we’re good at doing.

I was behaving no differently.

On the train home, I made a few phone calls, set up a few interviews, and within a month, hired my rockstar support partner, Gina. She handles all my “don’t like” items as those tasks fall in her “love and like” categories. She keeps me focused on my “love & like” tasks where I add the most value to our company. She’ll be the first to say “Preston, when you do those other things, just remember you’re taking value AWAY from our business.” She doesn’t mince words.

Almost two years later, we’ve grown the business 60%. We’ve made plans to grow it another 10 times over the next 10 years. To date, that’s the scariest promise we’ve ever made, but we now know how to make it happen.

Delegate to elevate.

To learn more about where you might find 10 times improvement, contact us to walk through this exercise.

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