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When it comes to entrepreneurial business, Preston gets it.

After several frustrating years in the corporate world, he decided to follow three generations of entrepreneurs and joined his family printing business. Here he helped them become expert marketers and salespeople who grew the top line quickly, but failed to unmask significant, deeper issues.

After denying those issues for several years, the company was in trouble.  It took some tough, but critical decisions to get clear on who they were and where they were going, build a culture of accountability and discipline and learn how a functional and cohesive team was the MOST important component of a successful company.  It hurt along the way, but, with this new clarity and commitment, they turned the business around within a year.

This experience fueled Preston’s passion for working with entrepreneurial companies. Along the way, he’s discovered his family-business story is similar to those of many entrepreneurial companies — the hunger and drive that help launch and grow an organization can be diminished if entrepreneurs don’t build and implement a system for exceptional health within people and process.

Preston has invested the past 24 years of his life to get right here in this moment — allowing him to teach, facilitate and coach entrepreneurs and their teams. He works with dozens of companies, delivering more than 100 sessions per year, ultimately helping them go from good to great organizations. Most days, you’ll also find him lacing them up on the ice, watching Captain America or listening to Kid Rock.

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