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Let go to get more

Problem Koshima is a monkey.  He’s hungry, impatient, and completely focused on finding something to eat. He happens across a box that has a delicious banana awaiting consumption.  He reaches into a small hole, grabs the banana, but realizes the…

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We celebrate sunny days yet do our best to cloud the truth when it comes to our businesses. Is that our best strategy? According to Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach, there's two things we can't look at directly: the sun,…

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Let It Go

For any of us who are parents, the process of "letting go" of our children can be one of the most difficult experiences with which to deal.  We've birthed them, we've fed them, we've clothed them, we've gotten furious with…

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A client called me this week to share a few "money" frustrations in his business.  They are a profitable business, but have been challenged with a handful of customers who are slower to pay and ask for more time than…

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After a frustrating (and less-than-productive) issue resolution conversation, one of Sally's team members said, "I'd rather my husband tell me to turn right four times than to take time discussing which is the best direction to turn.  Can we please…

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Hamstring of Chance

Malcolm Gladwell claims much success is the result of a "patchwork of lucky breaks and arbitrary advantages" in his book, Outliers.  An interesting, and often, popular perspective, but where does that leave you in regards to your ability to create…

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