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(That’s a lot of Ohhhh’s.)

For almost 20 years, EOS® has consistently helped companies achieve more revenue, growth and profit.

Today, tens of thousands of companies operate with the EOS tools.

Implementers have used this proven system nationwide to deliver 16,000+ full-day sessions to thousands of privately-held companies with entrepreneurial leadership teams who are frustrated with the status quo and appreciate the help of others. These teams are open, honest, transparent and 100% committed to growth. And by mastering this simple way of functioning, they systematically and permanently improve.


“Preston breaks down issues, so we can identify the true root cause and set an executable path to fix it.”

I have had the opportunity to work directly with Preston, for the last 10 months, as our Implementor for EOS. During this time, Preston’s knowledge and experience with the EOS process has proven invaluable in helping us successfully implement the system. He has an excellent ability to break issues down in a way that allows you to identify not only the true root cause but to set an executable path to fix it. He has also done a great job with interacting with all the different personalities of our leadership team to help successfully implement EOS. I would recommend Preston to anyone looking to improve their business.”

– Joseph Valentic, Managing Director

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